Summer Holi-daze

DSCN3494We were cruising down a back country road, Windows Are Rolled Down by Amos Lee on the radio, and everyone we passed had arms hung lazily out their car windows. Soft cotton clouds painted a bright blue sky, and you could feel it in the air: it was a summer holiday weekend.

Whatever you did, I hope you took a moment to pay your respects to the holiday and then spent the rest of your time enjoying a long weekend with people you love.

For me that meant spending time with my folks at our little Tennessee cabin in the woods.

It’s nothing special and something special all at once.

The start of summer is an intoxicating time where we shed the sweaters and move outside to welcome the warmer weather. And that easy shift from the couch out the backdoor can make even the simplest things seem extraordinary.  Maybe you spent the day grilling. Or boating with friends on the lake. Or perhaps you just drank beers by a bonfire. Our only holiday task was making homemade, peanut butter frozen yogurt.

Simple and sweet.

We whisked together the ingredients, popped them in the ice cream maker, and then my mom and I set off into the woods. It was an afternoon of off roading from the beaten path, chasing the sound of waterfalls and playing in the creek. Two steps in and we were partners in crime, two more steps and I was a child, my mom explaining, “Ok, Nikki (Knee-key, in her Asian accent) step where I step, ok? There’s poison ivy here. Three leaves!” It was silly and careless and easy. Just the way the start of something wonderful should be.


Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt by Chocolate Covered Katie

Whatever you did, I hope it was sweetly simple with lots of sweet treats to accompany your sweet company.

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

Peanut Butter Frozen Yogurt Recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie


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